5 free Tinder alternatives for hookups

Tinder is an excellent dating application for hookups, intended for serious dating and casual hookups that previously allowed to meet a bunch of singles free. But for some time, the application has become paid (freemium model more exactly) and the number of likes to send is limited each day. Is it the end of quick encounters on smartphone?

Not at all ! There are free alternatives to Tinder, and I have selected 5 for you for casual hookups. By geolocation, affinity or reserved for bearded, you will see that meeting people with your smartphone has never been so fun!

Top 5 Free Tinder Alternatives for casual hookups

The applications presented below are practical, fun and original and above all, they work well. In addition to that, they are free so there is no reason to deprive yourself!

Happn, find out who you met

Everyone knows these ephemeral loves, these crush a moment with a subway girl, a woman in a cafe, a passer-by that you meet in the street … You exchange looks, which sometimes mean a lot, but none of two partners will not take the first step and everyone goes sailing to these daily occupations. Goodbye forever.

What a pity then it would be enough to be a few words to start a beautiful story … And this is where the application of Happn encounter comes into play!

Based on a very precise geolocation system, this free French application allows you to find people you meet on your daily trips. Do you still use the same metro line? There is a good chance that this girl whom you have seen many times does so too. And the little blonde you saw on the terrace of this cafe, next to your house? Maybe she lives in the area?

The goal of Happn is to inform you of the members present on the application when you cross them, within a radius of 250 meters! They appear on your timeline and you can like them, and wait for a like-back to chat, or send a superlike to directly access a conversation with that person.

Practical and effective, the Happn application is for the moment mostly used in big cities. If you live in a major city, then you have a good alternative to free Tinder!

Ok Cupid, match with your peers

The Ok Cupid Dating App is quite close to what Tinder offers, but goes further by taking into consideration your expectations and your desires, to make you tick with profiles potentially of interest to you. A sort of system of meeting affinities so less pushed than the specialist sites of the genre but quite rare on mobile application.

A bit confusing at first, the interface of Ok Cupid could be improved, but except that, it is an interesting free application and especially very busy.

Simply fill out a questionnaire that will allow the app to identify you a little, then, with your GPS, you will be submitted profiles that match you. Quickly, we have matches on Ok Cupid and the discussions are going well, for serious or the most mischievous!

Without being very original, since it remains very close to what Tinder offers, we have here a free quality alternative that deserves a look!

Louise, music and meeting go hand in hand

Attention, original application in sight!

If you have enough to fill out profiles, write descriptions and read those of others to find users to your liking, why not focus only on musical tastes?

This is what Louise offers, an application that allows you to see who is listening to the same title as you, who likes a particular musical genre and to connect to this person in one click. The basic idea is fantastic, since music is always a good subject to approach someone.

But for now, the application Louise to a major concern: its low attendance! Still little known, we do not necessarily find profiles at any time and because of this, meetings are rare. But give this alternative to Tinder a chance, and we may hear about this dating system in the future!

IceBreaker, for fun!

Want to change your approach a person online? Matches and basic questions like Hi, how are you? you tired or you do not really know how to start a conversation? So let Icebreaker do the job for you!

The main idea of ​​this application is to send a small multiple choice question to a profile that you like to break the ice in a fun and fun way. If the person gets caught, you will receive his answers, and will be able to start a conversation very easily.

Personally, I really like this application! Although it still lacks a few active profiles in certain areas, it has the merit of proposing an original approach that can relax the atmosphere immediately and play down the meetings!

When a discussion starts, it’s always in the fun and good mood and we make nice meetings here, rather serious, with users who want to ask.

This is one of the most fun free Tinder alternatives of the moment!

POF, the mini serious dating site

Pof, the acronym for Plenty of Fish is basically a free dating site that meets a crazy success across the Channel. What is its mobile version worth?

We have here the equivalent of a meeting site, simplified, which makes it possible to contact members very easily. You just have to send a message, without having to wait for any feedback like Tinder.

You have to fill your profile with precision, to maximize your chances of contacts, and all in all, we make a lot of nice meetings on this application. This is not the most suitable for smartphones, since it derives from an online site, but it is quick to this interface!

To return to the more classic meeting, POF will be an interesting alternative to Tinder, totally free and which does not require any connection via Facebook. It’s great !

Bonus: have fun with your smartphone!

After this top 5, you already have a choice if you are looking to replace a Tinder become partly paid. But there are other free Tinder alternatives, more targeted, that offer good results. Here they are !

Grindr remains one of the best mobile apps for dating, as long as you’re gay! It was this free application that gave birth to Tinder, and its success has grown steadily over the years. Let’s pay homage here, citing it among the best dating apps!

Another appreciable alternative, rather oriented LGBT but on which one finds hetero profiles also, it is Weeple and his system of profile creation in Gif! Very fun, we laugh at the creativity of its members and we quickly get in touch with nice singles, thanks to a well thought cat.

Finally, the last of the free Tinder alternatives is … special! Indeed, 3nder only addresses 2 types of people: men with a beard and girls who like bearded men! It quickly limits the choice, but this application by the base of a simple developer joke that met with unexpected success! In any case, if you have a beard, come have a look here!