The best dating apps and sites for swingers

Once, Meetic, Bumble, 3nder or Badoo? There is a plethora of dating apps other than Tinder. All operate roughly on the same principles. So we chose the most downloaded and then sorted by styles (classics, Swingers, LGBT, Threesomes …), so you know where to find what. Top-list of dating apps!

Meetic, Badoo and Lovoo, the great classics

For who ? For everyone ! The most general dating apps have the advantage of matching a little bit to everyone as the number of profiles that we can meet is varied.
Why ? Mainly for serious encounters and lasting stories, but also for light relationships (to negotiate with your future.e lover.e).
How? By creating your profile on 3nder, the world's leading in threesomes and swingers dating, in Europe, or on Badoo, the gay and friendly app with 377 million members (more than Tinder), or on Lovoo, the direct competitor of the latter, which is aimed at a slightly older audience than its rival: 25-40 against 18-30.
Plus: a very wide choice thanks to the large number of subscribers; events such as wine tasting, culinary workshop, jazz evening, etc., which allow for meetings without being face to face (Meetic); cool functions like Undo on Badoo, which allows a return if you swipe (scan the profile you are looking at) too fast.
The least: not really originality, and a paid subscription to use Meetic.

Adopt a guy and Bumble

For who ? Singles from 18 to 35/40 who want to meet near their home (or not).
Why ? To meet men and women, and / or make friends or pros contacts (Bumble specialty). Probably more fun for a fun time than to find the partner of all our lives
How? Via Adopts a guy, an application made in France where, as implied by their logo (a supermarket shopping cart held by a woman and in which there is a man), it is the ladies who choose whether or not to meet the " charmes "(kind of like Facebook revisited sauce rencontre amoureuse), we send them. The app is free for girls but pays for boys. And also Bumble, an app created by the co-founder of Tinder, Whitney Wolfe, arrived in 2016. Obviously there are similarities with his big brother: a geolocation / photo principle, except that only women can initiate a conversation. If there is no match after 24 hours, then the proposal disappears. In short, it is done so that women are comfortable.
Most: male candidates necessarily endowed with a great sense of humor or progressives; free for Bumble and with an option "BFF search" (best friend forever), for those who just want to make friends.
The least: we did not find.

3nder, Gleeden & Wyylde, the libertines

For who ? Cheaters, swingers, threesomes, curious couples or couples wanting to live extra-marital adventures.
Why ? Make naughty encounters alone.e, couple or several.
How? Via Jacquie and Michel, the French site of amateur porn that has emerged in the landscape apps apps libertines. Or thanks to the Gleeden app, specialized in adulterous encounters (paid for men and free for women). Or 3nder, where you will be asked right away what you are looking for: threesomes, swinging, etc.
Plus: the age range of subscribers that is relatively wide for all these apps.
The least: the lack of room for feelings and attachment that, unfortunately, we do not control.

Louise and Tastebuds, music lovers

For who ? Music lovers and artists.
Why ? To have a different angle of approach and because the common points create links.
How? Thanks to the Louise app, which offers the possibility of interacting with those who listen to the same music as us, or Tastebuds, which is based on your musical tastes to put you in touch with other users.
Most: cool and original.
The least: if sharing the same musical tastes promised to have a couple that works it would know, right?

Hater, the cynic

For who ? Roars with self-mockery.
Why ? Because if common tastes come together, disgusts also unite, or even more.
How? By admitting your hatred for this or that personality or for the song Rockabye that polluted the radio antennas for almost a year! The app will then unearth all the pampering that suits you best and with which you can spend long nights screaming about the world. Charming ...
The most: very funny!
The least: potential real haters ... not sexy for a penny

Once, Elite, Attractive, POF, Parship & Say Tomorrow, The Romantics

For who ? "Serious" singles who wish to make real love encounters.
Why ? To avoid debates like "what are you looking for?" ". Here at least things are limpid: we are looking for a couple and not an adventure.
How? Thanks to the slow-dating, trademark of Once, where you only have access to one profile per day, which is selected by a human and not by algorithm! Here we do not choose, the program does it for us. Or via Pof (plenty of fish), competitor Badoo and Lovoo, a very well made app. But also Elite Rencontre, Attractive World, which offers serious meetings to seniors and based on the same principle as Once: help you find the soul mate.
Most: serious and sometimes as free 100% (Pof).
The least: you must not be in a hurry.

Grindr, Spicy, Gay Parship, LGBT

For who ? Homosexuals, lesbians, bi, trans, and everyone who loves them.
Why ? Rather sex on Grindr and Love and / or sex, to choose. For most of these apps better not bet on the meeting of his life (at least for Grindr).
How? By a geolocation system and photos for the so-called "gay Tinder".
Plus: accurate targeting (even if most apps are now generally open to all sexual orientations), here the apps are specifically dedicated to LGBT.
The least: RAS.

Weeple, the rider

For who ? Those who are not cold and who dare to show because it must go through the video.
Why ? To avoid disappointment, because the reality is authentic and seeing someone on the move gives a lot of guidance to potential lovers on their "match", and thus avoids a number of pitfalls.
How? With Weeple, the very fun application that allows you to create self-gifs.
Plus: huge time saving.
The least: lack of total romanticism.

And also community apps like Theotokos, No. 1 meeting between Christians, or Mektoube, specialized Muslim.

That’s it, you know everything, but watch out for bad games and have fun!