Is casual dating right for you?

The idea of ​​a purely sexual encounter without any commitment may seem attractive, but a little clarification is needed.

At a time when naughty dating sites abound, it is important to seriously ask the right questions before acting out. Is this type of meeting really for you? How do temporary dating platforms work in Switzerland? What is the profile of women on these portals? Here are the answers to these three common questions.

Is this type of meeting really for you?

Yes … as long as you admit that it is possible to make love without loving your partner. 3nder in principle exclude the development of the relationship: therefore, it is better to accept it as a simple moment of pleasure to avoid disappointment. If you are more like a blue flower and love the romantic seaside walks, or if you are looking for your soul mate to build the relationship of your life, go your way! The casual dating is two adults who find themselves the time of a night or a hot night and nothing else, a point that’s all …So, are 3nder for you? For more information and to register for free, visit 3nder

How do casual hookups work?

Not all portals work exactly the same way. The most important of them, 3nder, “gives power” to women by enabling them to initiate contact with men. To attract these ladies, you just have to look after your profile. But with a ratio of three women for two men and a reputation sulphurous (see the many testimonials on the web), the platform is not likely to leave you on the floor!

How to meet women on 3nder?

Again, there is no obvious answer. According to 3nder statistics, all ages and all categories are represented: from the student to the cougar to the bank employee or the founder of start-ups. One thing is certain, casual dating has definitely become a part of life, and the time when women pretended to sulk for sex with no tomorrow has gone well. This is what the innumerable polls on the subject suggest.