Feeld – Threesomes Finder App

Feeld is the leading couples dating app, it’s like Tinder for threesomes. Feeld is for women and men looking to open up their relationship and meet new people or other couples for a threesome. Feeld matching system offers to the threesome dating site users, a pre-selection of sexually relevant people who live in a particular city or region. The casual daters then decide by themselves with whom they wish to make contact. On Feeld, anonymity and users security is taken seriously and no personal data is exposed in case you wish to stay anonymous online.

Feeld Dating App : Tinder for Threesomes

In fact, a dating site like Feeld has become in the space of a few years the leading meeting point for amateurs and lovers of threesomes around the world, with almost 2 million users. Feeld’s success in the adult dating world, has attracted a very large number of new members singles and couples looking for fun. The great specificity of Feeld compared to other platforms of the same type is its popularity women, and the level of activity of women is very high. Feeld is a real community formed around the practice of threesomes.

How to Find a Partner for a Threesome with Feeld

Feeld is an application for adult thresome dating where you can signup for free and find partners and couples to organize a threesome and for all those who want to fully live their sexuality. Or simply chat with people who share the same interests. The application is free and available on different download platforms.

Using an app to meet people is now a commonplace act. We must recognize that it is much easier today to turn on your smartphone, click, start swiping from right to left according to the choices in the hope of finding the right person. Before, we had to go out, find suitable places, engage in conversation with good people who did not necessarily want and nothing was guaranteed.

How Feeld Works?

With the application Feeld, everything becomes easier for fans of Threesomes and swinging lifestyle and other fetish encounters. The application works in the manner similar to Tinder and its now famous “swipe” gesture to select the profiles you like and want to hookup with.

Creating a Feeld Account

To register, unlike other dating applications,you do not need to connect with a Facebook profile, but by giving an ID, validated by a moderator at any time. One way to avoid false profiles while maintaining a certain confidentiality.

Once validated, the user can choose to make his photos public or private. It is sufficient to make a request to the person to see his private albums.


How to have a Threesome on Feeld

Fulfill your Fantasy

Threesome are a fantasy widely spread. It shows an attraction for the novelty, the desire of discovery and the open-mindedness. Whatever the configuration you are looking for (make love with two women, two men or 100% homo), You’ll be able to meet like minded couples on Feeld.

Couples Looking for a new partner

Either the couple is already formed and one adds a person, or one decides to make a meeting for a Threesome by Internet or during swinging parties. In the first case, if it goes well, we can consider a three-way household in the long run. But it is necessary that both partners of the couple are completely free.

In the second, the three-dimensional plan can become much more regular and renew itself regularly. The apprehension will be much less strong since the partners do not owe anything and they are not afraid of disappointment. A Threesome can not be improvised when you do it as a couple. The dialogue is very important, it is the guarantee that the sex plan has three will be a success. Feeld is a naughty dating site specializing in trio encounters.

Meeting new people for a threesome on Feeld

Threesome: ABC, One Two Three, it’s gone!

The three-sex is to consecrate simultaneously to two other people, men and / or women who have agreed to live this naughty moment. Two people take care of you, and you give pleasure to them. There are, of course, variations according to the sexual orientations, and you can also prefer to watch the show with delectation.

You are single? Get ready for the threesome!

You are excited at the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčliving a torrid time with unknown people. You are likely to fall on a couple already shaped. Since they let you into their privacy, be worthy of this trust! Give them your share of experience, and give free rein to your imagination

You are in a relationship? Discuss the subject with your partner!

A good complicity in your relationship allows the good progress of sex to three. You can start by discussing the topic in general and share your thoughts on the issue. You could hear about it through knowledge, read an article about the issue. it’s up to you to find a pretext to engage in dialogue! Then use diplomacy. and patience!

Want a combination 2 women and a man?

In the couple, we invite the woman to express herself on her desires. Does she have a taste for voyeurism? Does she have bisexual tendencies? If this is not the case, the man will pass from one to the other without any relationship between the women.

Want a combination 2 men and a woman?

In the couple, this time we invite the man to express himself. The man may like to watch his partner make love with another man and participate or not. It is important that the man specify if he has bisexual tendencies, less easily perceived than those of the woman.

Talking to others

Do not hesitate to talk about your sexual tendencies before the big moment. You will avoid false notes knowing that one or the other has bisexual or voyeuristic tendencies. But we can not always predict the reactions of each; delicious surprises may be at the rendezvous!

Organizing a threesome

Physically describe yourself on the chat and schedule an appointment. As a precaution, some people will prefer to start with a meeting in a public place to establish the first real contact. If you mutually agree, organize the party with three. Threesome sex is at home? Prepare a pleasant atmosphere to welcome your guest or guests: deco, light, drinks.

Little games with friends

You are finally all three. Let the party begin! It’s time to surrender to pleasures and naughty games. You can start with a four-hand massage, blindfold one of the three partners. without forgetting to protect yourself against STDs.

Just for fun. and after?

The principle of a threesome is to discover new sensations. It’s not about having feelings for a new partner or forming a couple to three. After the threesome, you can choose to see you for a second session (and more? !!!) or stay there. Thank everyone for this moment of pleasure!