Feeld App: the Tinder for threesomes app

Well I think the title is clear, today we discover a new application meeting, this time made for meetings with several. This is Feeld App, the Tinder dating three!

The concept does not change except that this time it will be necessary to match not with one but with two people!

Well I have not tried it, because only available on IOS (Apple) .. And honestly even if I had an Iphone I do not think that would have installed!

Because it can already be hard to two then three I do not even imagine!

Feeld still deserves to be innovative at least for its editorial line, and may it please some of you?

Join the Feeld App Community

Feeld App is a geolocated threesomes mobile application that helps you better organize your threesomes . Select the profiles you like, indicate your availability and put your phone in your pocket to go about your business, Feeld App takes care of the rest.


Feeld App allows to meet new partners with confidence, security and confidentiality. Feeld App wants to guarantee reliable people who are recommended and ready to take action.

You identify the profiles that appeal to you, and if they are also attracted to you, it’s a “match”. From then on, the adventure can begin: you can chat with them and see their next availabilities.


You found a babysitter for the kids next Saturday and would like to meet a couple for a threesome? Indicate that you are free this Saturday in your Feeld App calendar and your “matches” will be notified.

Feeld App uses your phone’s location to find profiles around your current location: at home, in a boring night or at the weekend in the countryside

  • by another Feeld App member, thanks to his certification code
  • The French Kiss or the Storm clubs during a visit
  • a fast webcam with the Feeld App team (2 min max) Skype: Feeld App.certification

How does Feeld App work?

  • In the selection screen, click on the dating app profiles that attract you (No thanks for those that are not interesting to you and not sure about others). The profile in question does not know what you chose. It’s confidential.
  • Make sure you like the “Feeld App” profile to test the app with Feeld App administrators
  • When you also interest one of the profiles you liked, you will find them in the “matches” screen (the heart icon)
  • In this screen, you can discuss with your “matches”
  • In the Calendar screen, indicate your availability. You will see in this screen (in green) the availability of your “matches” (if they have registered availability). You will also see the evenings organized in the surroundings.