The day I had a threesome with my husband.

I have been in a relationship for 7 ½ years with my darling. We are respectively 27 and 32 years old and we are rather the perfect love.

Sexuality also it rolls well, downright well even. Our relationship started very quickly sexually, namely that we slept together at our first meeting, and that although this report was rather fast and messy, I knew right away that In bed, it was going to do it.


The revolution of sex encounters online

All indicators are green in the sector of online dating naughty. Appeared only a few years ago, so-called “casual dating” platforms attract a growing number of women.

After the “sexual liberation” of the 1960s and 1970s, are we now witnessing a new stage in the process of emancipation? Did the traditional couple’s hour ring? Difficult to answer in a few words and with certainty to such difficult questions. In any case, more and more specialists agree that sexual habits are evolving at a rapid pace.

The breakthrough of sex dating sites

Still little known and used a few years ago, these platforms of a new kind are experiencing a boom in all of Switzerland. According to several polls, 74% of single adults plan to use it to find a partner for one night. 3nder, the leading online dating site in Switzerland, recently reported that the number of new registrations is growing exponentially. The explanation? “More and more adults are recognizing themselves in this uninhibited way of satisfying their urges,” says Julie Astora, a specialist in contemporary sexual behavior. It is less and less shocking to have a sexual partner for one night and to multiply erotic encounters without commitment. The ease of use of these platforms and their effectiveness did the rest: today, they have become an essential tool for finding a partner. “

More and more women in search of lovers

If we look at the statistics a little closer, we see that the rise of the platforms of “casual dating” is mainly based on the massive arrival of women on the “market” of sex encounters. 3nder threesomes app prides itself on being the most popular site for women, with nearly 64% of users active on the platform. According to Julie Astora, this trend is correlated with the evolution of mentalities: “More and more women consider that the traditional couple is an imprisonment that prevents them both to pursue their career and to live a fulfilling sex life. . The “shopping” system set up on a site like 3nder suits them perfectly: they control the rhythm and the nature of the meetings, and can pick freely among men willing to satisfy them. In other words, “casual dating” allows them to maintain their independence while having a rich and varied sex life.

Is casual dating right for you?

The idea of ​​a purely sexual encounter without any commitment may seem attractive, but a little clarification is needed.

At a time when naughty dating sites abound, it is important to seriously ask the right questions before acting out. Is this type of meeting really for you? How do temporary dating platforms work in Switzerland? What is the profile of women on these portals? Here are the answers to these three common questions.


The best dating apps and sites for swingers

Once, Meetic, Bumble, 3nder or Badoo? There is a plethora of dating apps other than Tinder. All operate roughly on the same principles. So we chose the most downloaded and then sorted by styles (classics, Swingers, LGBT, Threesomes …), so you know where to find what. Top-list of dating apps!


Feeld App: the Tinder for threesomes app

Well I think the title is clear, today we discover a new application meeting, this time made for meetings with several. This is Feeld App, the Tinder dating three!

The concept does not change except that this time it will be necessary to match not with one but with two people!


3nder: threesomes app

3nder: an app for threesomes

For society to be more open to sexual desires, a new application called 3nder should soon see the light of day. The concept is simple: facilitate threesome.


3nder threesomes app: the tinder for couples

Dating application for couples and singles open minded. Discover a space where you can explore your desires and meet people of the same spirit. Register alone or in a relationship with a partner, a lover or a curious friend.

Never compliant, except with respect to privacy. On 3nder, you can be invisible to your Facebook friends and you are sure to interact only with real people.


5 free Tinder alternatives for hookups

Tinder is an excellent dating application for hookups, intended for serious dating and casual hookups that previously allowed to meet a bunch of singles free. But for some time, the application has become paid (freemium model more exactly) and the number of likes to send is limited each day. Is it the end of quick encounters on smartphone?


Best Dating Apps for Relationships in 2019

Using your smartphone to meet people has a big advantage. You do not need to be posted in front of your computer to chat and / or flirt; you can do it on the street as well as on public transport. So if you are ultra connected and that meetings via mobile tempt you, find in this article the best dating applications


How to have a sexy threesome

Many men dream of it, many women have been confronted with this proposal: the threesome. A fantasy that brings together or divides. Where does he come from and why does he want to? Experts tell us everything.